It was Karen's first time at The Roselawn Eye Clinic. "I haven't had an eye exam in a couple of years, and I am unemployed... IUpload: May 10, 2016 heard about the clinic and came here. The service and doctors were wonderful. It's great to have a place to go for people who are out of work and can't afford a regular eye doctor..."

When Hazel came to the Roselawn Eye Clinic, she had no insurance or income. "It was like a Godsend. They game me the eye drops that I needed, and I was able to get glasses to improve my vision."

During a screening last year, a middle-aged African American woman sought treatment for her glaucoma. Even though she knew she was affected by the condition, she had stopped taking her prescription eye drops because she had lost herĀ job, herĀ health insurance, and she was too young to qualify for Medicare. The patient wanted "to see how bad the damage was." She discovered her eye pressures were dangerously high, which can cause permanent vision loss if untreated. In order to prevent further damage, the people at Roselawn helped her enroll in a charitable medication program, which enables her to receive his glaucoma prescription free of charge.